Web Browser is a passage to find out what lies inside the Internet Web sites. There are lots of Browsers available today in terms of functionality and popularity.
The different web browser is also categorized according to their features. To know which were is the best browser is really a tough task. We were compiled here the list of top web browsers present online which are fast, secure and user-friendly. Before discussing the browser the user must have to keep in mind that all the web browser are unique in their own way. The uses of all the web browsers are same. There is no top browser we only choose the best web browser according to the popularity and user-friendly property.


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It is the most popular web browser designed and developed by internet giant Google. It focuses to enhance the performance of web application. It gives hundred of free extension for the chrome user to use better user interface.

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These extensions are available at chrome store and are used for personal use. It has features like private browsing, fast startup, and malware filter

Mozilla Firefox
This web browser is designed for simplicity, flexibility, extensibility, and power. It is available for Linux, windows, and Android as well. There are lots of extension, plugins and powerful tools are available with Mozilla Firefox Support 

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  It has features list RSS Headline, Chat extensions and malware filters.

Opera Web Browser
It was the most popular mobile browser which was constantly improving itself to be in the best browsers list. It is a free fast browser with improving updates. It allows the user to have a unique experience by adding the features like page zoom and developer shortcuts. It has more unique features like it has Email suite, Phishing filter, and bit torrent. Visit Opera Customer SupportSafari Web BrowserSafari is the web browser which was developed by Apple It is the most popular browser mainly used by MAC users.
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Image result for safari with safari Safari is a clean browser which is very fast and based on Webkit rendering engine. It has one of the best RSS –reading feature available online. It is easier to keep track number of the website then using Bookmarks. Safari Customer Support number 
So, this article will help the user to know about the top web browser available online.
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